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About ARC

Why We Do great?

…. Because we believe people with passion can transform the world for better. To give the necessary push and to materialise an individual’s vision into reality we use great tools. To break out the fence, to see , to experience , to explore and to embrace the future we provide ample and inevitable guidance . In a world where manipulation has become the norm, we stand out, just because we have courage to chose the best alternative … Inspiration …To get Inspired and make inspire, to expand each students life, we stick on to our values and beliefs … If you are a student who want to reinvent innovation.. If you believe what we believe..
We would like to be surrounded by you… And you are welcome .


about us

Team ARC

How we started!!!

In this present scenario of making education a business oriented one, ARC made its identity by the dedicated and sincere efforts for making the future of each and every student a bright one.As beginners we too had to face many challenging situations,but the trust our students kept on us made us bold enough to overcome each and every situations that came across in our way.We trained them in such a way that they never felt a pressure while studying.Of course we were beginners but our team was extremely a professional one.The quality of education we provided in ARC cannot be seen anywhere and it lifted our students always a step ahead from other candidates.After days and nights of hard work and struggle we did it.. With highest percentage GATE result in kerala than any other center, ARC cracked GATE 2013 ..Our students came out in flying colours…Following this our LET 2013 batch once again brought the glory of success to ARC getting ranks within top 10 along with 100% result. ARC has proved itself as beginners.We expect more records in the name of ARC on our journey and who knows YOU can be one among them.


  • ECE & EEE
  • 1.Prof.shebeer M.Tech,Ph.D(IIT Madras) + 7 years teaching experience
  • 2.Prof.saleem M.Tech + Ph.d(IIT Madras) +6 years teaching experience
  • 3.Miss.shabna MTech(IIT Surathkal) +5 years teaching experience
  • 4.Miss.divya MTech(IIT Madras)+ 3 years teaching experience
  • 5.Mr.prasad M.Tech(CET Tvm) +4 years teaching experience
  • 1.Prof.Rohan M.Tech(IIT Kanpur) +3 years teaching experience
  • 2.Prof.prasad M.Tech + Ph.D(IIT Madras)+5 years teaching experience
  • 3.Prof.prakash M.Tech(NIT Trichy) +7 years teaching experience
  • 4.Prof.Ajay M.Tech+Ph.D (NIT Calicut)+ 7 years teaching experience
  • 5.Prof.ismail M.Tech (NIT Patna) +3 years experience.
  • 1.Prof.Bhaskar M.Tech(IIT Delhi) +4 years teaching experience
  • 2.Prof.Anjali M.Tech(CET,Tvm)+ 3 years teaching experience
  • 3.Prof.sreekumar M.Tech (NIT Trichy)+8 years teaching experience
  • 4.Prof.Hasim M.Tech (IIT Kanpur) +6 years teaching experience
  • 5.Prof.Balaji M.Tech +Ph.D(IIT Bombay)+ 8 years teaching experience


  • ARC provides perfectly intensive classroom coaching(PICC)
  • Basics classes for each subjects
  • GATE classes by efficient faculties MTech,Ph.D Qualified(IIT,NIT)
  • Weekly examinations
  • Analysis of performance of each students
  • Rectification sessions
  • Revision modules
  • Marathon examinations topic wise
  • Full Length Examinations
  • Online Examinations
ARC Materials

ARC provides exclusively well prepared study materials.We have an efficient team working for our material section.The materials have complete informations of each topic from the basics itself.Along with this we provide short notes and formulae books of each subjects during our exam sessions.

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