Important GATE Preparation Books for All Papers ( ECE, CS ,ME, EE ,CE,AE )

Important GATE Preparation Books for All Papers ( ECE, CS ,ME, EE ,CE,AE )

GATE preparation books

GATE is one of the most eminent and prestigious exams for the engineering and science students who want to make a scintillating career for them. Every year, hordes of students used to appear for this exam so that they can enrol themselves to some prodigious institutes. Usually, this exam is conducted by the Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institute of Technology jointly every year. And a student can appear this exam in any number of times if the basic criteria are fulfilled by him or her. If you want to pass this exam with flying colours, then you should be very specific what to study and what to not.

It is true that the syllabus for GATE is similar to what you have studied at your graduate and undergraduate level, but to recall it, you need some best GATE preparation books. To know, what are the best GATE preparation books, first, you need to know your requirement and interests. You should go for the books which have certain qualities. Though no book is bad or useless, still preparing for this competitive exam, you need to be very proactive and smart.Here are some tips for students self-studying for GATE .

The Best GATE preparation books have the following qualities.

1. Easy to read and understand:

A good book is one which can easily readable by anyone. Because not everyone is aware of the jargons that are used in it.

2.Accuracy and clarity:

A good book should provide all the information correctly and precisely so that the aspirants can recapitulate them. Any wrong information can mislead the students.

3. Concise and precise:

While you are preparing for GATE exam, you need to study many complicated and intricate theories and concept. So, it is very important that whosoever is explaining that concept in the book, should explain it precisely. This will help the students to understand it and remember it in the long run.

4. No fancy language:

A good technical book should try to avoid using the fancy or slick English language. Because the technical words are enough to cover for them.

5. Use of diagrams or charts:

You should pick up a book which explains a situation or a question through diagrams or pictures. This will not only help you to understand the question but also help you to remember the answer for a long time.

Now, we are going to mention some of the best GATE preparation books for every discipline.


GATE preparation books for ECE

GATE preparation books for ECE


You might be astonished to know that GATE ECE paper has the highest competition among all. Every year, nearly 2.5 lacs candidate appear for ECE paper. So, if you want to score some outstanding results in your ECE paper, then you should know some of the best GATE preparation books for ECE.

Name of the books Author
Network Analysis Van Valken Burg
Solutions of Network Analysis GK Publications
Engg. Circuit Analysis Hayt and Kemmerly
Network Analysis Soni and Gupta
Graph Theory Narsing Deo (Cutset and Others)
Circuit Theory Chakravarthy
Electric Circuits Schaum’s Series
Network Theory Prof Yoganarasimhan
Electronic Devices Circuits Boylested and Neshelsky
Microelectronic Circuits Sedra and Smith
Electronic Devices Circuits Millman and Halkias (Black Pad)
Microelectronics Millman and Grabel
Integrated Electronics Millman and Halkias
Electronic Circuits Schilling and Belove
Switching and Finite Automatic Theory Kohavi
Digital Logic and Computer Design Mano
Digital Electronics Malvino and Leach
Digital Systems, Principles and Applications Tocci
Microprocessor and its Applications Goankar
Microprocessors B Ram
Automatic Control Systems BC Kuo
Control Systems Nagarath and Gopal
Modern Control Systems Ogata
OP Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits Gayakwad
Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation AK Sawhney
DC Machines Measurements and Measuring Instruments GB Bharadhwajan
Electrical Machines PS Bimhra
Electrical Technology Hughes
The performance and Design of AC Machines MG Say
Electrical Engg. (Problems and Solutions) Natesan
Electrical Machines Mukherjee & Chakravarthy
Elements of Power System Analysis William D Stevenson
Modern Power System Analysis Nagrath and Kothari
Electrical Power Systems Wadhwa


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GATE preparation books for Computer Science:

In this technology-driven era, computer science has become a popular choice for tech geeks and code lovers. If you want to score well in this subject, then you should know some of the good GATE preparation books for computer science.

Name of the books Author
Algorithms Cormen
Operating System Galvin
Theory of Computation Ullman
Computer Networks Tanenbaum
Computer Organisation Carl Hamacher
Database System Korth
Compiler Design Aho & Ull Man
Digital Logic Morris Mano
Software Engineering Pressman


GATE Preparation Books for Mechanical Engineering


GATE preparation books


This stream also getting popular among the aspirants who want to make a dazzling career in this field. Some of the popular and best GATE preparation books for mechanical engineering are,


Name of the books Author
Mechanical Vibration GK Grover
Design Of Machine Elements VB Bhandari
Engineering Mechanics SS Bhavikatti
Fluid Mechanics RK Bansal
Heat & Mass Transfer PK Nag
Engineering Thermodynamics Cengel & Boles
Internal Combustion Engine V Ganesan
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning CP Arora
Material Science UC Jindal
Production Engineering Amitabh Ghosh


ATE Preparation Books for Electrical Engineering


The competition in this stream is high as every year a chunk of students used to appear in this stream. Some popular books for electrical engineering are,


Name of the books Author
Network Analysis Val Valken Burg
Solution of Network Analysis GK Publications
Engineering Circuit Analysis Hayt & Kemmerly
Graph Theory Narsing Das
Circuit Theory Chakravarthy
Control System Nagrath Gopal
Electrical machines PS Bimbhra
Power Electronics UA Bakshi
Power Systems Nagrath Kothari
Signals & Systems Oppenheim Wisky

GATE Preparation Books for Civil Engineering


The candidate for this stream used to opt for higher studies than to work after graduation. Because there is a huge salary difference between a graduate and a post-graduate. So, if you are aiming for higher studies in civil engineering, then you should have an adequate knowledge of the best GATE preparation books for civil engineering


Name of the books Author
Gate 2019: Civil Engineering Solved Papers Made Easy
Gate Guide Civil Engg. 2019 GKP
Gate Tutor 2019 Civil Engineering Prasant Dixit
Gate 2019: Civil Engineering Chapterwise Solved Papers: 20 Years Hitesh Aggarwal
Gate 2019 Civil Engineering Vani Institute
Civil Engineering Gate 2019 30 Years Solution IES Master
Gate Guide Civil Engineering 2019 Hitesh Aggarwal
Gate Guide Civil Engg. 2019 GKP
Gate Paper Civil Engineering 2019 (Solved Papers 2000-2016) GKP

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GATE Preparation Books for Agricultural Engineering


GATE preparation books


Name of the books Author
Concept of Agricultural Engineering Mohanty Das
Soil & Water Conservation VVN Murty
Farm Machinery by Three Authors (popularly known by this name)


In the above article, we have mentioned some of the popularly used and best GATE preparation books for various streams. These books will help you to make a robust preparation for your upcoming GATE exam. But apart from self-study, you need some professional guidance to secure your rank in the GATE exam. You may find many GATE coaching Calicut as well as other places in India. These coaching centres will help you to make a complete preparation for your GATE exam.

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